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This amazing drawing robot will patiently guide your child stroke by stroke to complete a fantastic drawing! With Activity books, Number cards, Picture cards, Letter cards, and Maths challenge cards, there is more than enough to keep your little one busy!!

Rich painting themes are fun and interesting, from simple to complex, constantly improving children's basic drawing skills. It also encourages other areas of learning such as English and Maths.

With a professional teaching system installed and a teaching course and picture book design, it allows your children to not only learn to draw, but it also encourages painting-related skills and knowledge.

The strong suction chassis will not fall, and the bottom soft suction cup design effectively protects the machine against accidental falls.


Make painting easier, professional teaching system teaching course and picture book design, let children not only learn painting but also learn related painting skills and knowledge.

Weight: 516 g
Dimensions: 153 X 105 mm
Power: 5V2A
Working time: 5.5 hours
Battery: 2600mah
Material: ABS environmental protection plastic

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