Jade roller-2 in 1 green jade roller

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2 in 1 green jade roller Face Roller Skin Massager for Face

Our emerald rollers can create miracles and enhance your beauty. Very helpful to relieve puffiness, especially puffy eyes. This jade roller is made of authentic jade. This jade roller is an excellent eye wheel and lymphatic drainage massager. 100% authentic jade roller, made from real jade, can be used as an excellent ice massager to relieve eye puffiness.


  • It‘s A Gift From Nature.

For many centuries, jade stones were used in rituals to promote longevity and beauty. These stones are healing crystals that help to cleanse and detoxify your body. They can benefit the adrenals and kidneys, which balances your hormones and produces clear radiant skin.

That's what we call A GIFT FROM NATURE.

A jade roller is best described as a miniature handheld face massager. Hundreds of years ago, these accessories were used by the Chinese aristocracy, however, they have become more popular in America in recent years.

  • Natural and Authentic

Made from real jade stone. Jadestone naturally has cool temperature and by keeping it in the refrigerator you can intensify this property. And it is suitable for all skin types.

  • Special Non-Squeak Hardware

Inserting caps on Jade Roller,no squeaky, no dropping off easily, no stocking when you use it.

Two Rollers for Different Areas

Dermatologists recommend starting at your chin and traveling up toward your temples and forehead, using the larger end of the facial roller.

For your under eyes, use the smaller end of the roller to move out and upward, again going toward your temples

  • How To Perform Rolling Facial?

  • Clean Your Face

You should only be using your jade roller on clean skin.

  • Before You Start

Apply your oil blend, moisturizer, or serum before doing a treatment – it is a significant step to get those smooth motions right, and to prevent the appearance of bruises.

  • It's All About Directionality

Use gentle pressure, roll/scrape in upward and outward motions. When you reach the under-eye area be very gentle, light, and slow.

For best results, use daily as part of a 5-minute ritual.


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