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Are you tired of your Apple watch battery running out unexpectedly? 

Our portable USB charger is designed to keep your Apple Watch charged while you're on the go. Works as fast as the original.

Simply plug it in to your laptop to immediately power up. You no longer have to carry cords or cables, with something as light and portable as , you won't even notice that it's there. Study longer and create faster, your smartwatch charger back-up is finally here.



This apple watch charger has a compact body and is convenient to carry anywhere. Easily take your charger with you on road trips, long trips, or any length trip.


works through the night while you sleep. Do not worry about your phone overcharging or damaging the battery. The smartphone charge will stop once it has reached full charge and remain until you wake up—no more dead batteries in the morning.


Built-in short circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection offer a safe environment for your watch and charger. Safe charging allows us to ensure your device is protected while juicing






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